gripstik vinyl flat l-tear strip

Vinyl Flat L-Tear Strip


gripSTIKPhillips gripSTIK® Flat L-Tear Strip provides a clean line at a variety of wallboard intersections. A one-size-fits-all product, the Flat L-Tear Strip is used where a straight edge is needed and there is not enough room at the intersection for the leg. The tear off strip provides a protective edge and a guide for drywall finishing knives.  Once joint compound is applied, finished and painted, the tear off strip is removed to form a clean, crisp edge.  This product features deeply knurled mud anchors, many perforations, and specially textured surface to provide superior paint and joint compound adhesion.


Material Safety Data Sheet


Vinyl Flat L-Tear Strip
Length Pieces Per Carton Cartons Per Pallet Feet Per Carton
8′ 50 48 400
9′ 50 48 450
10′ 50 48 500
UPC labeling available upon request

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