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Phillips Manufacturing CO’s Asphalt saturated kraft building paper has been applied to the lath to control moisture, air flow and reduce air infiltration resulting in improved energy efficiency. Easy to install and ideal as a base for stone, ceramic tile and traditional stucco. The paper backing aids in plaster keying and stucco curing, protection of the sheathing during curing and forms the vertical surface behind the exterior wall cladding (stucco, brick, siding, etc.) that allows moisture to safely drain out of the wall system.

Visit in order to view the ASTM and Code Standards.

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Phil Sokolof, founder of Phillips Manufacturing


Phillips Manufacturing has been a name in the drywall business since 1955, and the story of our founder, Phil Sokolof, spans beyond manufacturing building materials. Phil was a multi-millionaire businessman and crusader against heart disease. In the 1980s and early 1990s he targeted the restaurant chain McDonald’s and is credited with almost single-handedly forcing numerous changes in the fast food industry.

The Los Angeles Times eulogized Sokolof saying, “In our big, complex and bureaucratized society, here was indeed a case where one person made a difference, and where an idea had definite and beneficial consequences."

We invite you to learn more about Phil’s life and crusade via this Revisionist History Podcast episode, “McDonald’s Broke my Heart."

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Resilient Channel Certification

By now you’ve probably notice us mention our RC program in at least one of our monthly eNews emails- but we keep getting new certifications and great feedback!

As mentioned before..installing RC at your job not only provides a serious sound reduction solution, but installation is easy. 

As long as you do it right…

We created a Resilient Channel Certification Program to give you the edge over your competition.

If you’re interested in receiving your official certification, take the exam (link located on the last page of the certification slides) to test your knowledge.

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