Self-Furring Dimpled Diamond Mesh Lath

Self-Furring Dimpled Diamond Mesh Lath


Phillips Self-Furring Dimpled Diamond Mesh Lath is used extensively in stucco work as plaster reinforcement over interior masonry walls as well as in steel column fireproofing. It is also widely used as a reinforcement for base coat in ceramic tile work.  Self-Furring Dimpled Diamond Mesh Lath is used over solid surfaces like concrete, cement board, column fireproofing, masonry and replastering over old surfaces. The self-furring dimples hold the metal lath 1/4″ away from the surface to be plastered. The dimpled raised lath substrate provides superior mechanical bond over solid surfaces.  This product is easily shaped for curved or contoured surfaces.  The self-furring nature of the product helps applicators maintain plaster depths.   This product features a hot-dipped galvanized finish.  To maintain the designed furring characteristics, fasteners must be applied within the dimple cavity. Available in 1.75 (175SLHDG8), 2.5 (25SLHDG8) and 3.4 (34SLHDG8). Available in Paper Back (add PB1-2 to part number).


Material Safety Data Sheet


Self-Furring Dimpled Diamond Mesh Lath
Std. Wt./Sq. Yd. Sheet Size  Pieces Per Bunle Bundles Per Pallet Sq. Yds. Per Bundle
1.75 27″ x 97″ 10 25 20
2.50 27″ x 97″ 10 25 20
3.40 27″ x 97″ 10 25 20
UPC labeling available upon request

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