AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Award 2018

Phillips is happy to be one of the manufacturers used in winning project within the Interior Plaster Category of the AWCI Construction Quality Award.

AWCI’s award recognizes excellence in construction quality in the face of complicated and challenging projects, and is awarded to a team of AWCI members.

Winning Project: Minnesota State Capital Repairs, Restoration and Preservation, St. Paul, Minnesota
Contractor: Mulcahy Nickolaus
Architect: HGA Architects and Engineers
General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction

For complete listings of the quality awards and videos outlining the projects in detail, visit AWCI’s site here.


093 Expansion Control Joint

Phillips 093 zinc expansion control joints are manufactured from the highest quality pure zinc coil stock for superior corrosion resistance. An excellent product for interior or exterior applications, Phillips 093 is applied between abutting gypsum panels, and is used to relieve stresses of expansion and contraction of drywall and veneer plaster systems in large ceiling and wall expanses. Installation is done from door header to ceiling, from floor to ceiling in long partition runs, and from wall to wall in large ceiling areas.

Learn which assembly requirements 093 meets as well as additional technical information here.