April 2016

A Note from our CEO, Henri Jung

Welcome to May 2016. The month of May is full of transitions. It is a time when school age children are getting ready to switch from school to Summer vacation and in many parts of the country the weather just finished transitioning from cold gray days to warm and sunny.

At Phillips we are keeping a close eye on several transitions in our business. The growth in construction, especially single and multifamily housing, has enabled us to expand our team – keep an eye (or ear) out for a few new Phillips sales people. We are excited to have these talented and experienced professionals join our team!

We are also keeping a very close eye on a major transition in steel pricing and lead times. Over the last few weeks, the industry has experienced steel price and lead times increases not see in years. There are many contributing variables – trade cases, increases in construction demand, reductions in domestic mill capacity, production issues at foreign mills – and we will be keeping our eye on them to make the best purchases for Phillips and our customers.

Keep an eye out for more news. Have a safe and productive Spring.

Phillips Manufacturing Vinyl Tear Strip

Phillips gripSTIK® Vinyl L-Tear Strip provides a clean line at a variety of wallboard intersections. The tear-off strip provides a protective edge and a guide for drywall finishing knives.

The corner bead is available in 8’, 9’ and 10’ lengths

Phillips gripSTIK® Vinyl L-Tear Strip meets or exceeds the following ASTM Standards:

  • ASTM C 1047
  • ASTM D 1784
  • ASTM D 3678

Resilient Channel Certification

By now you’ve probably notice us menion our RC program in at least one of our monthly eNews emails- but we keep getting new certifications and great feedback!

As mentioned before..installing RC at your job not only provides a serious sound reduction solution, but installation is easy. 

As long as you do it right…

Phillips is committed to giving you and your crew the tools to succeed; so we created a Resilient Channel Certification Program to give you the edge over your competition.

Download the presentation below to get the 4-1-1. If you’re interested in receiving your official certification, take the exam (link located on the last page of the certification slides) to test your knowledge.

To start the Certification Presentation, go here: Certification Program Download

Phillips EZ Submittal Builder

Phillips EZSubmittal application was designed to optimize your efficiency. Registration free and mobile friendly, you can now have a finished, ready-to-go submittal in seconds.

Here’s How:

Step 1.  Enter Your Project Information

Step 2. Choose Your Categories

Step 3. Download Files into a Single PDF

Learn more about what you can get in your submittals here.

Go to EZSubmittal.PHILLIPSmfg.com (Don’t forget to Bookmark it!) to get your submittal PDF package.


Something missing? Have a few questions?  We want you to give us a call.  Contact your local rep!