Henri Jung, COO

A Letter from our COO
As the school year recently wrapped up, I was reminded that several imporant drivers of success in life span across position and age.  The grade school that two of my children attend recognized outgoing fifth graders that achieved perfect attendance- from kindergarten through 5th grade.  Six years of perfect attendance is an impressive accomplishment at any age and an important value to celebrate.

Great things happen when we commit to persistence and deliver on our responsibilities.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life: show up, work hard, earn it every day and everyone wins.  Cal Ripken, â€œThe Iron Man”, appeared in every game played by the Baltimore Orioles for 2,632 games (1982-1998).  Phillips has been making great things happen for its customers for 60 years, and with persistence, commitment and teamwork, the “Iron Team” of Phillips will continue for many more to come! 


In Phillips’ six decades of business, we have grown into a nationally recognized manufacturer, yet have remained privately owned and operated.  With our headquarters still rooted in Omaha, NE, and locations in four other cities across the US, Phillips always takes an extra effort to give back to its community.

In a recent “Giving Back” endeavor, Phillips was pleased to donate and deliver over 4 tons of roofing metals and corner beads to assist Omaha’s Habitat for Humanity in the completion of their good works for 2015.

Phillips’ donation will provide enough materials to help over 60 homes in the Omaha metro area in the next 15 months.

As a recognition to our relationship with Habitat for Humanity, AMAROK Partners awarded Phillips Manufacturing for the 2015 Giving Back Award, as well as donated an additional $1,000 to the Habitat for Humanity Cause.