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INTEX Expo 2018

Are you attending the INTEX Expo 2018? Not sure? Attend for FREE courtesy of Phillips by visiting this link to receive a 3-day-expo-only pass to INTEX Expo! Must register by March 16, 2018

Any questions? Email

Phillips Manufacturing gripSTIK® Vinyl Tear Strip

Phillips gripSTIK® Vinyl L-Tear Strip provides a clean line at a variety of wallboard intersections. The tear-off strip provides a protective edge and a guide for drywall finishing knives.

Once joint compound is applied, finished and painted, the tear-off strip is removed to form a clean, crisp edge. Won’t rust and impact resistant. Easy to cut with shears, knife or fine-tooth hacksaw.

The corner bead is available in 8’, 9’ and 10’ lengths

Phillips gripSTIK® Vinyl L-Tear Strip meets or exceeds the following ASTM Standards:

• ASTM C 1047
• ASTM D 1784
• ASTM D 3678

Resilient Channel Certification

Installing RC at your job not only provides a serious sound reduction solution, but installation is easy. As long as you do it right…

We created a Resilient Channel Certification Program to give you the edge over your competition. To start the Certification Presentation, go here: Certification Program Download

Phillips EZ Submittal Builder

Phillips EZSubmittal application was designed to optimize your efficiency. Registration free and mobile friendly, you can now have a finished, ready-to-go submittal in seconds.

Go to (Don’t forget to Bookmark it!) to get your submittal PDF package.