Vinyl Beads and Trims

Phillips gripSTIK® vinyl corner beads and trims include a broad selection of drywall corner beads and trims to meet every project’s needs. Extra wide, multiple bullnose selections, MAX-Flex® Archway and 180FLEXKorner inside/outside adjustable bead are just a few examples of innovative products within our expansive vinyl corner bead line.

All Phillips gripSTIK® products are made in the USA by Phillips and feature :

  • Specially textured & knurled to enhance joint compound adhesion
  • Durable, impact and corrosion resistant
  • Perforated flanges allow for expansion & contraction from temperature changes
  • Tapered flanges for seamless finish work
  • Works great for both drywall and interior veneer applications

Please reference our SDS or Packaging Information for more information on the gripSTIK® line of vinyl drywall corner beads and trims.