Whatever the Corner, Phillips has you Covered

Phillips has the Right Corner Bead for Your Project

Since 1955, Phillips Manufacturing has been manufacturing top quality drywall corner bead for construction of every kind. In our 60th anniversary, our product line continues to grow with a broad selection of metal corner beads, vinyl corner beads, paper faced corner beads and flexible corner beads, all built on the same foundation of quality and value, manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

Understand why Professionals Choose Phillips

Phillips is the specialist when it comes to drywall accessories. We’ve been that specialist since 1955. If you look at the quality of our corner beads and trims – the precise knurling and punches that make finishing drywall easier and less time consuming – understand that we have our teams of skilled machinists keeping our tooling perfect. When you’re mounting corner bead, that 30 seconds you save because the mud adheres better and you don’t have a rough edge that requires messing with, you may not think about it. However, when you’re done, you realize the job went quickly, smoothly and everything looks good. When time is money, Phillips provides value.

Looking to understand more about Phillips selection of drywall corner beads and why professionals choose Phillips for quality, value, consistency and our exceptional team that serves you?

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