3/4″ MAX-Flex® Bullnose Archway Bead


maxFLEXPhillips 3/4″ gripSTIK® MAX-Flex® bullnose archway bead is designed for maximum flexibility with our unique design allowing it to conform to almost any radius creating a round, elegant look. Each tab on the notched flange should be secured with either staples or adhesive before applying the joint compound. Flanges feature many perforations, deeply knurled mud anchors, and the entire product is specially textured which all greatly enhance paint and mud adhesion. This product is also available in 1-1/2″ radius to provide a more pronounced round, modern appearance to archways and curves. Phillips Mini Bullnose Archway 3/8″ radius is another great option for a unique, modern finish.


Installation Recommendations
Safety Data Sheet


3/4″ MAX-Flex® Bullnose Archway
Length Pieces Per Carton Cartons Per Pallet Feet Per Carton
8′ 35 50 280
9′ 35 50 315
10′ 35 50 350
UPC labeling available upon request

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