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phillips rc-xl resilient channel
Phillips Manufacturing is the industry’s Resilient Channel Specialist, featuring a broader selection of resilient channel than anybody else in the industry. proudly manufacturing resilient channel in the USA for almost 30 years.

Our latest addition to the resilient channel line, Phillips RC-XL features a wider hat, fitting over 30 UL assemblies and has been independently tested for sound reduction. Learn more about RC-XL by clicking here.

RC-XL has been sound tested by a leading independent lab and, like all Phillips Resilient Channels, is strong enough for ceiling applications to prevent ridging and cracking.

Contact Phillips to ask about RC-XL, test results or additional information on our Resilient Channel line.

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Phillips 180FLEXKorner provides convenience at every corner, flexible at every angle. 180FLEXKorner delivers convenience for everybody from the professional to the DIY user because of the wide range of uses and ease of having one product for a variety of needs.

180FLEXKorner is available in 50′ rolls or 8′, 9′ or 10′ sticks and flexes to quickly provide a clean, professional corner for any angle – inside or outside. Just put 180FLEXKorner to the corner you’re trying to match, flex to match your angle and go. Our product keeps its shape after flexing, makes inside corners and off angles a snap.

Learn more by clicking on the video above or visit the product page for more details.

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