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#7 Foundation Weep Screed - Phillips Manufacturing Stucco Accessories
Phillips #7 Foundation Weep Screed provides a stucco stop and screed at the sill plate line in exterior stucco applications. This product features a 3-1/2” nailing flange which serves as a straight-edge stop at the sill plate line and flashing when water-resistant paper or paperbacked lath is installed over flange.

Phillips #7 Foundation Weep Screed is punched with holes which enable keying as well as moisture weeping. This galvanized steel product is available in 1/2″ (WS5HDG), 7/8” (WS8HDG) and 1-3/8” (WS13HDG) grounds (5/8”, 3/4″ and 1” special order, minimum quantities may apply).*

Learn more about our #7 Weep Screed here, or Contact Phillips to find your representative.

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Phillips Manufacturing produces metal lath for use in all applications in a broad selection of styles and weights. From the standard flat mesh diamond lath to high rib lath to our selection of self furring paper back lath, Phillips has the right lath for your job.

Complimenting Phillips extensive lath selection, Phillips Manufacturing offers a broad range of the most popular stucco, veneer and plaster accessories including expanded metal corner beads, expansion joints, casing beads and weep screeds.

Learn more by clicking on the video above or visit the Stucco Accessory or Lath product pages for more details.

All Phillips Products are Made in the USA.

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